Emilie Louizides redefines creative borders and crosses cultural boundaries in building her unique brand of art-based beauty in the fashion and entertainment industry. Born in the New York City area and based in London, Emilie is a hair and makeup artist and creative director who questions and challenges the status quo in a way that delights and surprises.

She thrives on collaboration with other creative people. Publications include: Paper, F-Word, PETRIe, The Guardian, Attitude, Hunger, Time Out, Wonderland, AnOther, Metal, dna, Damn Son, Pigeons & Peacocks, No Substance, Notion, Polyester, and Disorder magazinesShe has also written and published articles for cosmopolitan.com

Emilie has worked on shoots for Paper Magazine featuring: Tan France, Julia Michaels, Lily Allen, Adam Rippon and Billie Jean King. Traveling with Netflix's Queer Eye she serves as groomer to Tan France and Antoni Porowski.

Emilie holds a Bachelor of Arts and the classification of First Class Honours from London College of Fashion (UAL) and completed a Contemporary Collage course at Central Saint Martins (UAL). The collage medium has consistently inspired and informed her ever-evolving artistic process. She is currently on track to receive a Masters Degree in Applied Imagination in the Creative Industries from Central Saint Martins (UAL).

Committed to making a positive difference in the wider world, Emilie has donated her skills as a makeup artist to collaborate with the nonprofit Kula for Karma by creating and organizing a Night of Beauty event to benefit cancer survivors. A recipient of the Varian Fry Humanitarian Award, Emilie was recognized for her dedication to social action.

Photo by Niall Lea


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