Hi, I'm Emilie, an American raised, London based makeup artist. I work professionally for celebrities, musicians, brands and magazines; you can find my portfolio here. I hold a BA in Makeup for Fashion and an MA in Applied Imagination in the Creative Industries with a concentration in Makeup and Intimacy.

I'm passionate about empowering people of all ages and backgrounds to use makeup as a creative tool and self-love practice to enhance their natural beauty and reflect their unique essence.

My private virtual makeup tutorials, featured in Time Out New York, are for all ages and levels. I can teach you how to do fun looks, make the most of the makeup you already have, and I can suggest new products that you can order online and try out with my guidance. Whether you're interested in improving your makeup skills or learning brand new ones, I can help and support you. 

I am committed to donating a portion of my earnings from each booking to Black Minds Matter UK. As a white artist, it is my responsibility to use my privilege to support people of color in every way I can.

How It Works

After you've booked an appointment below, I'll request photos of your makeup collection along with reference images or details of makeup looks you'd like to learn or improve upon. On the day of your appointment, I'll ask that you have your face washed and moisturized, your makeup collection and a mirror in front of you, and then we'll meet on Zoom or FaceTime. I'll have all of the same makeup as you laid out in front of me. Together, we'll work our way through the same makeup look using industry-level techniques for a result I guarantee you'll be thrilled with. 

Testimonials and Client Photos

"I was impressed by so many things during my time with Emilie. She is extremely knowledgeable and skilled, comprehensive in her approach, and exquisitely sensitive and attuned to the specific needs of the client. You will receive guidance and services that are truly custom-tailored to your personality and lifestyle. And you will look and feel beautiful!"


"I am a business executive with minimal to zero flair for makeup. Emilie has impressed me with her own personal and unique ability to pull a makeup look together. She is particularly able to appear as if she is made up yet looking very natural. Since this is what I aspire to, her excellent consultative skills have served me well. I admire the fact that she has been academically educated within this professional discipline and that she also possesses much practical experience working in this field as well. I cannot speak highly enough of my experience hiring and working with Emilie."



Please get in touch! I would be happy to have a conversation before you book your appointment to answer any questions you may have.  



You can pay whatever you think is fair for a virtual session.


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